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The Book of Better launches today. Well, ‘launches’ might be an overstatement. Lady Gaga ‘launches’. Matt Damon can ‘launch’. A book about living with diabetes sort of ‘shows up,’ and hopes that no one is checking credentials.

Pretty cool thing, though, when you finally have something real to show for all that work. Writing a book is HUGE work. Especially for a slow typer like me. Only thing is, I say, you only have to type as fast as you think. So I’m ok.

But it’s a lot of work for anyone. The only reason anyone would write a book is:

1) Every time they publish a book, lots of people buy it and they make a bunch of money; or,
2) They love to write, and they love whatever they are writing about, and they want others to see, and feel, what they see and feel;

That’s it. Those are the two reasons. People may START writing a book for many other reasons, but those are the only two reasons people FINISH writing a book.

We’re all just trying to share. The Book of Better is my attempt to share some 30+ years of insider knowledge. Pay it forward, they say. Maybe somebody can really launch someday because they read The Book of Better. That would be cool.