Diabetes is a demanding adversary. And over the 30+ years I've had Type I diabetes, I have concocted a lot of idiotic things to deal with it.

It didn't make any sense to me, though, that after all that idiot diabetes stuff I did, that all of it should go to waste.

So I wrote this book. THE BOOK OF BETTER. The point of The Book is to share the things I learned so that others can skip the stupid altogether. In The Book, I point out what I did right living with diabetes, what I did wrong, and what I'm constantly learning from others. The Book points out what steps others can take right now. There is probably a Law of Natural Selection somewhere that says "Those That Learn From the Idiotness of Others, WIN."

Part of what I have discovered about diabetes is that because it is BAD a lot of the time, it creates a lot of room for BETTER. And even a LITTLE BIT better is STILL, any way you look at it, BETTER. Take a look...


A Better video

The good people at HarperCollins Canada captured the essence of The Book in a very fun video. Check it out.


The Book of Better didn't follow the digital publishing rules, what with all the drawings and absurd typography. So it delayed the release of the eBook. BUT IT IS HERE NOW! READ MORE

Sometimes More is not Better

Sometimes we are astounded by a genius stroke that reduces a challenge to its simplest terms. The result is staggering in its simplicity. READ MORE

Launch Day

The Book of Better launches today. READ MORE